Ross and Smith Island – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Ross and smith island beach


Ross & Smith Island also known as Twins Island is one of the most beautiful places of Andaman & Nicobar Island. These two Islands are connected with a white sand pathway. This white beach pathway goes inside the sea at times of high tide and not visible and surfaces up again during low tide. One can cross/walk from one Island to the other through this sand pathway with ocean on both sides during neap tide. Sun bathing in Ross and Smith Islands is a delightful experience that can be had only after visiting them. The blue water is crystal clear and shallow water is suitable for swimming. Swimming is allowed. The beautiful villages, turquoise water, the virgin beaches and the extremely gorgeous tropical rain forest and what not; these islands are indescribably fascinating.

How to get in :-

By road, about 191 kms are there from Port Blair to Ross and Smith Islands, Aerial Jetty is the right spot to take a private boat from and travel to the island. To reach Diglipur one has to engage a taxi from Port Blair. There are Public Transport Buses to Diglipur from Port Blair, which leave Port Blair early morning and reaches Diglipur in afternoon hours. Since there are Forest/Adivasi check posts enroute and night travel through Tribal belt is not allowed it is advisable to leave from Port Blair in early morning by engaging a taxi preferably SUV. (Sun rises in Port Blair as early as 04.45 a.m.). Permission/PERMIT to visit these Islands can be had from Tourist Information Office, PortBlair (located near Air India Office).

Attractions & Activities:-

A Marine Sanctuary on the island is the biggest highlight and it is considered to be the ideal place for watching the rare collection of invigorating coral reefs and colourful fish species. As both the islands are home to Olive Ridley turtles, tourists come at the right time to watch turtle nesting and it is a rare scene to be watched. At times, the wild elephants inhabited in the forests may come to the outer world.

Snorkeling and swimming are the most suitable and well acknowledged activities on both the islands. Adventure lovers find the space marvelous to do scuba diving as well.


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